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Timberline "Blazers" Team Stats
Member of: Narrows 4A, 4A
Team profile for 2014 season.
WIAA 2012-2014 Classification: 3A , based on enrollment of 1266.4.
WIAA 2010-2012 Classification: 3A , based on enrollment of 1001.16.
  Name Position Year Height/Weight
Christien Barnes Sophomore
Mackenzie Brever Senior
Ray Brooks Junior
Trevian Cambell Sophomore
19 stevie cleveland SB/FS Senior 5'9" 185
Connor Crump Junior
Armani Daye Sophomore
46 Johnathan Dowell QB Senior
Jonathan Dowell Senior
Malachi Earlywine Sophomore
Michael Euliss Junior
Trent Fisher Sophomore
Brier Hansen Sophomore
Gavin Hasler Sophomore
Kyler Hawkins Junior
Tanner Helton Senior
Pablo Hernandez Sophomore
James Holland Senior
Nick Hollander Junior
44 Seth Hyatt TE/T Senior 6'6" 235
Sergio Jimenez Sophomore
Desmond Jones Sophomore
Chris Jones Junior
Andrew Knox Senior
Andrew Knox Junior
Collin Lee Junior
Sava'auli Ma'ae-Togiola Junior
Savaauli Maae Sophomore
AJ Mikaele Senior
Illgahoa Morris-Utu Junior
Eli Orcutt Junior 189
Sergio Ortiz Sophomore
34 Andrew Paquin Senior 5'11" 175
88 Cody Rider WR/TE Senior 6'2" 187
Justin Rivera Junior
CJ Scott Sophomore
Richy Strong Sophomore
Brandon Thompson Senior
Dylan Vatnais Sophomore
Andrew Winter Senior

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Rushing Leaders

Rank Player Games Rushes Yds Avg TD Yds/G

Passing Leaders

Rank Player Games Att. Compl. Compl. % Yds Avg TDs INTs Yds/G

Receiving Leaders

Rank Player Games Recpt. Yds Avg TD Yds/G

All-Purpose Yards

Rank Player Attempts Yds Avg Yds/G

Total Offense

Rank Player Attempts Yds Avg Yds/G


Rank Player TD EP1/EP2 FG Total Points Points/Game

Kick Return Leaders

Rank Player Returns Yds Avg TD Yds/G

Punt Return Leaders

Rank Player Returns Yds Avg TD Yds/G

Punting Leaders

Rank Player Punts Avg

Interception Leaders

Rank Player Ints Yds Avg TD Yds/G


Schedules & Results

  Date Opponent Location Score  
View|| Add Stats 09/05/2014 North Thurston W 34-21
View|| Add Stats 09/12/2014 Tumwater L 33-35
View|| Add Stats 09/18/2014 Yelm W 31-7
View|| Add Stats 09/26/2014 Olympia L 6-38
Season Record: 2 - 2 , League: 1 - 0 -
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All-Time Playoff Performance

Appearances / Appearance % (Rank): 10 (16) / 27.0% (19)
Championships (Rank): 0 (23)Second Place (Rank): 0 (27)
Record (Rank): 4 (30) / 10 (30)
Winning % (Rank): 28.6% (42)
Points Scored/Allowed (Rank): 288 (17) / 452 (45)
Longest Winning/Losing Streak (Rank): 1 (36) / 4 (40)

S: Stats entered on an entire season basis.
G: Stats entered on a game-by-game basis.

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