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Sultan "Turks" Team Stats
Member of: Cascade, 1A
Team profile for 2014 season.
WIAA 2012-2014 Classification: 2A , based on enrollment of 520.38.
WIAA 2010-2012 Classification: 2A , based on enrollment of 496.25.
  Name Position Year Height/Weight
Kolton Anderson Senior
80 Matt Baller TE/T Senior 6'0" 180
Tholen Blasko Sophomore
Taylor Boucher Junior
Noah Dimsha Sophomore
Harley Dodd Sophomore
Noah Fleming Sophomore
Chaz Halverson Senior
Vernon Johnson Junior
77 Charlie Johnson T/G Senior
Dj Keenan Sophomore
Kyle Kessler Senior
Chase Leonard Sophomore
81 Joseph Low TE/DE Senior 5'10" 160
David Mayer Senior
Dolton Miller Junior
Michael Rousseau Sophomore
130 Andy Sam Sophomore 5'5" 130
Hunter Sather Junior
Tanner Sentman Sophomore
Cameron Shaw Junior
66 Ronnie Skorka G/C Senior 5'8" 195
Jacob Weaver Sophomore
56 Brandon Webb T/G Senior 5'9" 200
Riley Wiita Sophomore
David Woo Junior
Morgan Yates Sophomore
Zack Zornes Sophomore

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Rushing Leaders

Rank Player Games Rushes Yds Avg TD Yds/G

Passing Leaders

Rank Player Games Att. Compl. Compl. % Yds Avg TDs INTs Yds/G

Receiving Leaders

Rank Player Games Recpt. Yds Avg TD Yds/G

All-Purpose Yards

Rank Player Attempts Yds Avg Yds/G

Total Offense

Rank Player Attempts Yds Avg Yds/G


Rank Player TD EP1/EP2 FG Total Points Points/Game

Kick Return Leaders

Rank Player Returns Yds Avg TD Yds/G

Punt Return Leaders

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Punting Leaders

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Interception Leaders

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Schedules & Results

  Date Opponent Location Score  
View|| Add Stats 09/05/2014 Shorecrest W 42-28
View|| Add Stats 09/12/2014 Lynden Christian Away L 7-42
View|| Add Stats 09/19/2014 Granite Falls W 34-20
View|| Add Stats 09/26/2014 Archbishop Murphy L 14-48
View|| Add Stats 10/03/2014 King's L 7-52
View|| Add Stats 10/10/2014 Cedarcrest L 9-57
View|| Add Stats 10/17/2014 Lakewood L 0-49
View|| Add Stats 10/24/2014 Cedar Park Christian L 14-20
Season Record: 2 - 6 , League: 1 - 4 -
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All-Time Playoff Performance

Appearances / Appearance % (Rank): 6 (37) / 16.2% (42)
Championships (Rank): 0 (27)Second Place (Rank): 0 (27)
Record (Rank): 1 (47) / 6 (47)
Winning % (Rank): 14.3% (51)
Points Scored/Allowed (Rank): 57 (52) / 141 (13)
Longest Winning/Losing Streak (Rank): 1 (41) / 4 (39)

S: Stats entered on an entire season basis.
G: Stats entered on a game-by-game basis.

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