Washington All-Time Playoff Teams — Highest Winning Score (11-man)

Washington All-Time Playoff Teams — Highest Winning Score (11-man)
Below are the Top 25 all-time highest winning game scores in 11-man football.  Note, some teams on this list are currently 8-man but that the time of the game were competing in 11-man ball. The full list including 8-man teams is here, and the full 11-man list here.   Rank Team Opponent Score 1 Royal ...

Washington All-Time Playoff Teams — Playoff Placing Points Comments

This metric is a little more straightforward than Adjusted Winning Percentage.  Playoff Placing Points (let’s get fancy and call it P3) simply assigns a value to state tournament placings. First Place: 16 Second: 8 Tied-Third (or semifinals loss): 4 Quarterfinals Loss: 1 For ranking purposes, ties are broken by number of wins. Below is the Top 25 on Playoff Placing ...

Washington All-Time Playoff Teams — Adjusted Winning Percentage [UPDATED] Comments

UPDATE:  My apologies, there were a few errors in the first posting.  It was pointed out to me that Skyline began in 1997, not 1998, and that several “new” schools did improperly calculated.  That is, I didn’t have a proper first-year for them.  The big change means that Archbishop Murphy and Skyline are now virtually ...

Doug Pacey Picks All Week 10 Playoff/In Games

Not to rest with merely ciphering the brackets, Doug Pacey has picked winners in each of the 4A-1A games this week.  Pulling together the schedule is work enough.  Thanks Doug.

Oregon 5A Playoff Projections

The Oregonian takes a stab at the first round of the 5A playoffs. “Regional pairings” and “32-team second round” sounds as complicated at Kingco 4A playoffs.