David Maley’s 2017 Washington Coaching Update

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Below is the latest statewide coaching changes assembled by unofficially official WA football historian, David Maley.


Here is my Washington state high school football coaching changes list for the 2017 season.

If a new coach has (1st) next to his name, it is his first head coaching job in Washington.

For those of you who don’t know me that well, I keep track of statewide high school football.  This includes coaching changes, coaching tenures and won-lost-tied records.

Most of you who are on the mailing list are currently working at a daily or weekly newspaper.  There are some on my mailing list who are no longer working at a paper.  Forwarding this is highly encouraged.

The only coaching change that I don’t have confirmed is at Wishkah Valley.  It’s playing football for the first time by itself since 2013.

If I’m missing something, please let me know.

David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)




2017 Washington high school football coaching changes

Battle Ground (4A)—New coach: Mike Kesler (1st)

Former coach: Larry Peck (2010-2016)


Capital (3A)—New coach: Darren Tinnerstet (Sehome 2010-2011)

Former coach: John (J.D.) Johnson (2007-2016)


Cedar Park Christian (Bothell) (1A)—New coach: Victor “Butch” Goncharoff (Bellevue 2000-2015)

Former coach: Bill Marsh (2014-2016)


Centralia (2A)—New coach: Jeremy Thibault (Toledo 2012-2016)

Former coach: Matt Whitmire (2013-2016)


Chief Leschi (B-11)—New coach: Josh Bellinger (1st)

Former coach: Ty Satiacum (2016)


Cle Elum-Roslyn (1A)—New coach: Troy Hilberg (1st)

Former coach: Brian Avery (2013-2016)


Eatonville (2A)—New coach: Gavin Kralik (Bethel 2005-2013; South Kitsap 2015-2016)

Former coach: George Fairhart (1993-2016)


Evergreen (Seattle) (2A)—New coach: Zach Hermsen (1st)

Former coach: Rico Tipton (2016)


Ferris (4A)—New coach: Tom Yearout (Lewis and Clark 2000-2008)

Former coach: Jim Sharkey (2006-2016)


Fort Vancouver (3A)—New coach: Steve Broussard (1st)

Former coach: Cal Szueber (2007-2010, 2014-2016)


Franklin (3A)—New coach: Curtis Delgardo (Garfield (Seattle) last two games of 2010)

Former coach: Mario Bailey (last 7 games of 2004, 2005-2007, 2016)


Gig Harbor (3A)—New coach: George Fairhart (Friday Harbor 1987-1988; Eatonville 1993-2016)

Former coach: Aaron Chantler (2012-2016)


Hoquiam (1A)—New coach: Jeremy McMillan (1st)

Former coach: Rick Moore (2013-2016)


Hudson’s Bay (3A)—New coach: Ray Lions (1st)

Former coach: Mark Oliverio (2015-2016)


Inglemoor (4A)—New coach: Steve Hannan (Monroe 2005-2007)

Former coach: Daniel (D.J.) Baddeley (2013-2016)


Kent-Meridian (4A)—New coach: Jeff Scott (Seattle Lutheran 2012-2013)

Former coach: Brett Allen (2010-2016)


Kentridge (4A)—New coach: Brett Ogata (Mercer Island 2009-2016)

Former coach: Marty Osborn (1991-2016)


King’s Way Christian (1A)—New coach: Tom Schroeder (1st)

Former coach: Colby Davies (2016)


Lake Roosevelt (B-11)—New coach: W. James “Bubba” Egbert (1st)

Former coach: Loren Endsley (2016)


Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) (1A)—New coach: Devin Bauer (1st)

Former coach: Brian Dunn (1997-2016)


Lakeside (Seattle) (3A)—New coach: Mike Lengel (1st)

Former coach: Casey Selfridge (2011-2016)


Lake Washington (3A)—New coach: Andy Arena (Evergreen (Seattle) 2012-2013)

Former coach: Andrew (A.J.) Parnell (2014-2016)


Liberty Bell (B-11)—New coach: Bob Bucsko (Highland 1982-1985; Blaine 1986-1988; Zillah 1989-1990; Okanogan 1992-1994; Lyle-Klickitat-Wishram 1995-1997; Tekoa-Rosalia 2014)

Former coach: Steve White (2015-2016)


Life Christian (B-11)—New coach: Bobby Miller (1st)

Former coach: Jess Nelson (2014-2016)


Lindbergh (2A)—New coach: Tim Tramp (Lake Washington 1998-2005; Arlington 2006-2007; Renton 2014-2016)

Former coach: Matt Leamer (2013-2016)


Lynden (2A)—New coach: Blake Van Dalen (1st)

Former coach: Curt Kramme (1991-2016)


Manson (B-11)—New coach: Joey Johanson (1st)

Former coach: Scott Ward (2011-2016)


Mercer Island (3A)—New coach: Ed Slezinger (1st)

Former coach: Brett Ogata (2009-2016)


Mount Vernon (4A)—New coach: Nic Vasilchek (1st)

Former coach: Jay Silver (2012-2016)


Newport (1A)—New coach: Dave Pomante (Rogers (Spokane) 1991-2002)

Former coach: Zac Farnam (2012-2016)


North Beach (B-11)—New coach: Travis Cluckey (1st)

Former coach: Todd Bridge (2011-2016)


North Creek (4A)—New coach: Michael “Torrey” Myers (1st)

First year of football


Ocosta (B-11)—New coach: Chris Raffelson (1st)

Former coach: Brian Snell (2015-2016)


Olympia (4A)—New coach: Steve Davis (1st)

Former coach: Bill Beattie (1995-2016)


Pullman (2A)—New coach: David Cofer (1st)

Former coach: Dan Lucier (2012-2016)


R.A. Long (2A)—New coach: Rob James (1st)

Former coach: Dick H. Abrams (2016)


Renton (2A)—New coach: Garrett Welfare (1st)

Former coach: Tim Tramp (2014-2016)


Rochester (2A)—New coach: John Moorhead (1st)

Former coach: Mark Smith (2016)


Sammamish (2A)—New coach: Rylen Akana (1st)

Former coach: Michael Cooke (2016)


Seattle Lutheran (B-8)—New coach: Jeff Crawford (1st)

Former coach: Anthony Stordahl (2014-2016)


Sehome (2A)—New coach: Kevin Beason (1st)

Former coach: Bob Norvell (2012-2016)


South Bend (B-11)—New coach: Shane Byington (1st)

Former coach: Tom Sanchez (1993-2016)


South Kitsap (4A)—New coach: Cory Vartanian (1st)

Former coach: Gavin Kralik (2015-2016)


Southridge (3A)—New coach: Aaron Sonnichsen (1st)

Former coach: Keith Munson (2016)


South Whidbey (1A)—New coach: Mark Hodson (South Whidbey 2001-2009, 2011-2013)

Former coach: Michael Coe (2015-2016)


Springdale (B-11)—New coach: Mark Edwards (Springdale 2005-2012)

Former coach: Rick Johnson (2013-2016)


Sultan (1A)—New coach: Jim Wright (Seattle Lutheran 2011; Franklin 2012-2013; Evergreen (Seattle) 2014-2015)

Former coach: Jim Kruckenberg (2016)


Tenino (1A)—New coach: Cary Nagel (1st)

Former coach: Tim Bullus (2016)


Timberline (3A)—New coach: Nick Mullen (Timberline 2007-2014)

Former coach: Mike Spears (2015-2016)


Toledo (B-11)—New coach: Mike Christensen (1st)

Former coach: Jeremy Thibault (2012-2016)


Touchet (B-8)—New coach: Jesse Solis (1st)

Former coach: Gary Dorman (2009-2016)


Tumwater (2A)—New coach: Bill Beattie (Elma 1988-1994; Olympia 1995-2016)

Former coach: Sid Otton (1974-2016)


West Seattle (3A)—New coach: Marcis Fennell (1st)

Former coach: Tom Burggraff (1992-2006, 2013-2016)


Wilson (3A)—New coach: Amad Robinson (1st)

Former coach: Don Clegg (1988-2016)


Wishkah Valley (B-8)—New coach: OPEN

First year of football since 2013


Zillah (1A)—New coach: Ron Rood (Concrete 1985-2015)

Former coach: Tim Strother (2011-2016)