David Maley’s 2015 Coaching Changes List

David Maley, a Washington high school football historian, was kind enough to provide this compilation of coaching changes for the 2015 season.


2015 Washington high school football coaching changes

Over the last decade, I have worked with Dave Tuengel (Washington Prep Football Report) and the late Mike Warchol (Washington Preps.com) when they compiled statewide coaching changes.

If a new coach has (1st) next to his name, it is his first head coaching job in Washington.

Any additions or corrections, please e-mail David Maley. statking@hotmail.com

Anacortes (2A)—New coach: Craig Nurvic (White Swan 2004-2005)
Former coach: Dustin South (2013-2014)

Bellarmine Prep (4A)—New coach: Brian Jensen (1st)
Former coach: Tom Larsen (2003-2014)

Bishop Blanchet (3A)—New coach: Kyle Moore (1st)
Former coach: Aaron Maul (2009-2014)

Cascade (Everett) (4A)—New coach: Shane Keck (1st)
Former coach: Eric Dinwiddie (2014)

Cascade (Leavenworth) (1A)—New coach: Dominique Coffin (1st)
Former coach: Elia Ala’ilima-Daley (2004-2014)

Castle Rock (1A)—New coach: Eric Boswell (Toledo 2004; Battle Ground 2006-2009; Kalama 2011-2014)
Former coach: Ben Suhrbier (2011-2014)

Cedarcrest (2A)—New coach: Billy Ojeda (1st)
Former coach: Jason Frederick (2004-2014)

Chief Leschi (B-11)—New coach: Mark Smith (Tacoma Baptist 1991-2013)
Former coach: Kirk Willis (2013-2014)

Coupeville (1A)—New coach: Brett Smedley (1st)
Former coach: Tony Maggio (2012-2014)

Crescent (B-8)—New coach: Brian Shimko (1st)
Former coach: Darrell Yount (1997-1998, 2011-2014)

Curtis (4A)—New coach: Chris Paulson (Mount Rainier 2008-2009; Kentlake 2010-2014)
Former coach: Clay Angle (2007-2014)

Darrington (B-11/8)—New coach: Larry Lawlis (1st)
Former coach: Doug Lenker (2010-2014)

Eastmont (4A)—New coach: Mike Don (Lynnwood 2010-2011; Brewster 2012; Meadowdale 2013-2014)
Former coach: Doug McGill (2004-2014)

Everett (3A)—New coach: Doug Trainor (Ballard 2000-2004; Bellingham 2005-2011; Stanwood 2012)
Former coach: Will Soren (2005-2014)

Evergreen (Vancouver) (4A)—New coach: Terry Hyde (Prairie 2006-2014)
Former coach: Don Johnson Jr. (2013-2014)

Evergreen Lutheran (B-8)—New coach: Steve Lawrence (1st)
Former coach: Nathan Seiltz (2009-2014)

Forks (1A)—New coach: Craig Shetterly (Cedar Park Christian 2008-2010)
Former coach: Mark Feasel (2011-2014)

Foss (3A)—New coach: Matt Johnson (1st)
Former coach: Pat Johnson (2012-2014)

Foster (2A)—New coach: Elijah Ruhl (1st)
Former coach: Matt Leonard (2013-2014)

Franklin (3A)—New coach: James Hasty (1st)
Former coach: Juan Cotto (2014)

Franklin Pierce (2A)—New coach: Mickey Ahrens (1st)
Former coach: Howard Lutton (1987-2014)

Friday Harbor (B-11)—New coach: Garrett Holmes (1st)
Former coach: Richard Ledford (2002-2007, 2013-2014)

Granite Falls (2A)—New coach: Alex Hellig (1st)
Former coach: Tracey Bechtholdt (2009-2014)

Hanford (3A)—New coach: Brett Jay (River View 2008-2013; Monroe 2014)
Former coach: Rob Oram (2005-2014)

Heritage (4A)—New coach: Matt Gracey (Port Angeles 2005-2006)
Former coach: Chuck Hawthorne (2014)

Highland (1A)—New coach: Sean Sleater (1st)
Former coach: Ryan Scott (2011-2014)

Highline (2A)—New coach: Mike Johnson (1st)
Former coach: Asosa Sailiai (2013-2014)

Hudson’s Bay (2A)—New coach: Mark Oliverio (1st)
Former coaches: Andy Meyer and Rick Skinner (2014)

Juanita (3A)—New coach: Lele Te’o (1st)
Former coach: Shaun Tarantola (2008-2014)

Kalama (1A)—New coach: Sean McDonald (1st)
Former coach: Eric Boswell (2011-2014)

Kentlake (4A)—New coach: Brett Thompson (1st)
Former coach: Chris Paulson (2010-2014)

Kentwood (4A)—New coach: Mike Bush (1st)
Former coach: Rex Norris (2004-2014)

Kiona-Benton (1A)—New coach: Darren Mezger (1st)
Former coach: Craig Beverlin (2014)

Lacrosse-Washtucna-Kahlotus (B-8)—Dissolved program
Former coach: Justin Ziebell (2013-2014)

Lake Roosevelt (B-11)—New coach: Geary Oliver (1st)
Former coach: Steve Files (2012-2014)

Liberty Bell (B-8)—New coach: Steve White (1st)
Former coach: Brian Wilbur (2014)

Liberty Christian (B-8)—New coach: Craig Lukins (1st)
Former coach: Mike Olson (2007-2014)

Lincoln (Tacoma) (3A)—New coach: Masaki Matsumoto (1st)
Former coach: Jon Kitna (2012-2014)

Mariner (4A)—New coach: Mark Stewart (Renton 1988-1990, 1998-1999; Garfield (Seattle) 1992-1993, 2013; Highline 1997; Meadowdale 2000-2012)
Former coach: John Ondriezek (1993-2014)

Mead (4A)—New coach: Benji Sonnichsen (Mount Vernon 2005-2007; Prosser 2009-2014)
Former coach: Sean Carty (2001-2014)

Meadowdale (3A)—New coach: Matt Leonard (Foster 2013-2014)
Former coach: Mike Don (2013-2014)

Monroe (4A)—New coach: Michael Bumpus (1st)
Former coach: Brett Jay (2014)

Mountlake Terrace (3A)—New coach: Kelly Dougan (1st)
Former coach: Tony Umayam (2004-2014)

North Central (3A)—New coach: Tom Griggs (Rochester 2011; Riverside 2012-2014)
Former coach: Brian Gardner (2009-2014)

Northport (B-8)—New coach: Kevin Dionas (1st)
Former coach: D. Shane Fox (2013-2014)

Oakville (B-8)—New coach: Phil Spengler (Oakville 1991-1992; Adna 1996; Onalaska 1998-2000)
Former coach: Bob Johnson (1995-1998, 2000-2010)

Ocosta (B-11)—New coach: Brian Snell (1st)
Former coach: Brad Kesterson (2013-2014)

Odessa-Harrington (B-8)—New coach: Jeff A. Nelson (Lacrosse-Washtucna 1994-2012)
Former coach: Bruce Todd (2010-2014)

Pasco (4A)—New coach: Kevin Jolley (1st)
Former coach: Dustin Lamb (2009-2014)

Port Angeles (2A)—New coach: Bret Curtis (1st)
Former coach: Tom Wahl (2010-2014)

Prairie (3A)—New coach: Kevin Baker (Battle Ground 1996-2002)
Former coach: Terry Hyde (2006-2014)

Prosser (2A)—New coach: Corey Ingvalson (1st)
Former coach: Benji Sonnichsen (2009-2014)

Riverside (1A)—New coach: David “Buddy” Wood (1st)
Former coach: Tom Griggs (2012-2014)

River View (1A)—New coach: Bryce Kennell (1st)
Former coach: Kevin Hale (2014)

St. John-Endicott (B-8)—New coach: Ken Gering (1st)
Former coach: Steve Selk (2012-2014)

Seattle Prep (3A)—New coach: Bill McMahon (Lakeside (Seattle) 1979-1988, 1990-2010)
Former coach: Garrett Cook (2012-2014)

Seton Catholic (1A)—New coach: Will Ephraim (Hudson’s Bay 2010)
Former coach: Dan Chase (2011-2014)

Shorewood (3A)—New coach: Brandon Torrey (1st)
Former coach: Rob Petschl (2010-2014)

South Kitsap (4A)—New coach: Gavin Kralik (Bethel 2005-2013)
Former coach: Eric Canton (2012-2014)

South Whidbey (1A)—New coach: Michael Coe (1st)
Former coach: Chris Tormey (2014)

Steilacoom (2A)—New coach: Rich Lane (1st)
Former coach: Brian Koch (2007-2014)

Sunnyside (4A)—New coach: John Lobbestael (1st)
Former coach: Mark Marro (2002-2014)

Tekoa-Rosalia (B-8)—New coach: Scott Eaton (1st)
Former coach: Bob Bucsko (2014)

Timberline (4A)—New coach: Mike Spears (1st)
Former coach: Nick Mullen (2007-2014)

Vashon Island (1A)—New coach: Brynie Robinson (1st)
Former coach: Kelvin Goliday (2013-2014)

Waitsburg-Prescott (B-11)—New coach: Troy Larsen (1st)
Former coach: Jeff Bartlow (2007-2014)

West Valley (Yakima) (4A)—New coach: Dan Eyman (Highland 1986-1991; Eisenhower 2002-2013)
Former coach: John Beck (2010-2014)

Winlock (B-11)—New coach: Ben Suhrbier (Castle Rock 2011-2014)
Former coach: Mike Voie (1989-2001, 2012-2014)

Yakama Tribal (B-8)—New coach: Shae Schimmel (1st)
Former coach: Shaun Straka (2014)