David Maley’s 2014 Coaching & Team Changes List

Editor’s Note: On the eve of the opening of 2014 practices, David Maley, the state’s unofficial football historian, has compiled a list of coaching and team changes for 2014. If you have any updates for the questions Mr. Maley has below, please email.

Once again, I’m compiling statewide prep football coaching changes.

If a new coach has (1st) next to his name, it is his first head coaching job in Washington.

I’m not sure about the following:

Who’s coaching at Columbia (Burbank)?
Who’s coaching at Inchelium?
Is the southwest Washington football cooperative officially known as Pe Ell-Willapa Valley, Willapa Valley-Pe Ell, or something else?

Any additions or corrections, you know where to go.  Forwarding this his highly encouraged.

David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)


Aberdeen (2A)—New coach: Kevin Ridout (Lake Quinault 1987-1991; Hoquiam 1992-1996; Tenino 2001-2009)

Former coach: Terry Dion (2012-2013)


Asotin (B-11)—New coach: Jim Holman (1st)

Former coach: Sal Lopez (2002-2013)


Bellingham (2A)—New coach: Ted Flint (Sehome 1998-1999; Eastmont 2000-2003)

Former coach: Steve Wilson (2012-2013)


Bethel (4A)—New coach: Mark Iddins (1st)

Former coach: Gavin Kralik (2005-2013)


Burbank (1A)—New coach:

Former coach: Rich Harris (2009-2013)


Cascade (Everett) (4A)—New coach: Eric Dinwiddie (Granite Falls 2003-2008)

Former coach: Joe Cronin (2012-2013)


Cedar Park Christian (1A)—New coach: Bill Marsh (Eastside Catholic 1999-2008; Archbishop Murphy 2012, first 4 games)

Former coach: Todd Parmenter (2011-2013)


Chimacum (1A)—New coach: Mike Dowling (1st)

Former coach: Shawn Meacham (2009-2013)


Clarkston (2A)—New coach: Brycen Bye (Wahluke 2011-2013)

Former coach: Dave Curtis (1987-2013)


Dayton (B-8)—New coach: Jerry Dedloff (Dayton 2001-2003)

Former coach: Dean Bickelhaupt (2010-2013)


Eisenhower (4A)—New coach: Gary Jimenez (1st)

Former coach: Dan Eyman (2002-2013)


Evergreen (Seattle) (2A)—New coach: Jim Wright (Seattle Lutheran 2011; Franklin 2012-2013)

Former coach: Andy Arena (2012-2013)


Fort Vancouver (3A)—New coach: Cal Szueber (Fort Vancouver 2007-2010)

Former coach: Todd Quincey (2013)


Franklin (3A)—New coach: Juan Cotto (Highline 2008-2012)

Former coach: Jim Wright (2012-2013)


Garfield (Seattle) (3A)—New coach: Derek Sparks (1st)

Former coach: Mark Stewart (1992-1993, 2013)


Hazen (3A)—New coach: David Kilpatrick-White (1st)

Former coach: Drew Oliver (2009-2013)


Heritage (4A)—New coach: Chuck Hawthorne (Mountain View 1981-1989)

Former coach: Jack Hathaway (2011-2013)


Hockinson (2A)—New coach: Rick Steele (Hockinson 2004-2012)

Former coach: Brian Schott (2013)


Hudson’s Bay (2A)—New coaches: Andy Meyer and Rick Skinner (both 1st)

Former coach: Sylvester Green Jr. (2012-2013)


Hunters (B-8)—New coach: Jesse Templeton (1st)

First year of football since 2009


Hunters-Inchelium (B-8)—Dissolved cooperative

Former coach: Brian Myers (2013)


Inchelium (B-8)—New coach:

First year of football since 2009


Issaquah (4A)—New coach: Emanuel “Buddy” Bland (Jefferson 1994-1998; Issaquah 1999-2005)

Former coach: Chris Bennett (2008-2013)


Jefferson (4A)—New coach: Jeff Zenisek (Orcas Island 1987-1989; Tenino 2010-2013)

Former coach: Dean Peck (2007-2013)


Kiona-Benton (1A)—New coach: Craig Beverlin (Kamiakin 1984-2008)

Former coach: Charlie Hobbick (2009-2013)


Lake Quinault (B-8)—Combined with Wishkah Valley to form Twin Valley

Former coach: Darren Marshall (2013, last 5 games)


Lake Washington (3A)—New coach: Andrew (A.J.) Parnell (1st)

Former coach: Steve Supple (2010-2013)


Lyle-Wishram (B-8)—New coach: Antoine Montoya (1st)

First year of football since 2011


Lynnwood (3A)—Keauntea Bankhead and Danny Hawkins were co-head coaches in 2013

Former coach: Danny Hawkins (2013)


Monroe (4A)—New coach: Brett Jay (River View 2008-2013)

Former coach: Dick H. Abrams (2011-2013)


Mount Spokane (3A)—New coach: Terry Cloer (1st)

Former coach: Mike McLaughlin (1997-2013)


Mount Tahoma (3A)—New coach: Ricky Daley (1st)

Former coach: Kevin Hanis (2007-2013)


Newport (Bellevue) (4A)—New coach: Drew Oliver (Hazen 2009-2013)

Former coach: Mike Miller (2004-2013)


Orcas Island (B-11)—New coach: Justin Frausto (1st)

Former coach: Scott Harris (2010-2013)


Pe Ell (B-11)—Combined with Willapa Valley

Former coach: Josh Fluke (2013)


Pe Ell-Willapa Valley (B-11)—New coach: Josh Fluke (Pe Ell 2013)

First year of football cooperative


Quilcene (B-8)—New coach: Byron Wilson (Hazen 2000-2002)

Former coach: Nic Dahl (2011-2013)


Raymond (B-11)—New coach: Luke Abbott (1st)

Former coach: Rob Clements (2011-2013)


Renton (2A)—New coach: Tim Tramp (Lake Washington 1998-2005; Arlington 2006-2007)

Former coach: Donald Ponds (2010-2013)


River View (1A)—New coach: Kevin Hale (1st)

Former coach: Brett Jay (2008-2013)


Rogers (Spokane) (3A)—New coach: Ben Cochran (Lincoln (Tacoma) 2008)

Former coach: Matt Miethe (2007-2013)


Rosalia (B-8)—Combined with Tekoa

Former coach: Kaleb Madison (2013)


Sammamish (2A)—New coach: Todd Craig (1st)

Former coach: Brian Tucci (2009-2013)


Seattle Lutheran (B-8)—New coach: Anthony Stordahl (1st)

Former coach: Jeff Scott (2012-2013)


Shadle Park (3A)—New coach: Jim Mace (1st)

Former coach: Alan Stanfield (2010-2013)


South Whidbey (1A)—New coach: Chris Tormey (1st)

Former coaches: Andy Davis (2009-2013) and Mark Hodson (2001-2009, 2011-2013)


Squalicum (2A)—New coach: Nick Lucey (1st)

Former coach: Reed Richardson (2006-2013)


Stadium (4A)—New coach: Thomas Ford (1st)

Former coach: Jess Nelson (2007-2013)


Sunnyside Christian (B-8)—New coach: Jeremy Thomas (1st)

Former coach: Ray Hernandez (2009-2013)


Tacoma Baptist (B-11)—New coach: Tim Rasmussen (1st)

Former coach: Mark Smith (1991-2013)


Tekoa-Oakesdale* (B-8)—Dissolved cooperative

Former coach: Ken Lindgren (1997-2002, 2013)


Tekoa-Rosalia (B-11)—New coach: Bob Bucsko (Highland 1982-1985; Blaine 1986-1988; Zillah 1989-1990; Okanogan 1992-1994; Lyle-Klickitat-Wishram 1995-1997)

First year of football cooperative


Tenino (1A)—New coach: Randy Swilley (Hoquiam 1997-2002; Yelm 2008-2012)

Former coach: Jeff Zenisek (2010-2013)


Toutle Lake (B-11)—New coach: Art Walsh (Castle Rock 2008-2010)

Former coach: Scott Grabenhorst (1979-2013)


Twin Valley (B-8)—New coach: Mike Mitchell (Wishkah Valley 2013)

First year of football cooperative


Union (4A)—New coach: Gary McGarvie (Fort Vancouver 2001-2004)

Former coach: Cale Piland (2007-2013)


Wahluke (1A)—New coach: Michael Foristiere (1st)

Former coach: Brycen Bye (2011-2013)


Willapa Valley (B-11)—Combined with Pe Ell

Former coach: Greg Wonhoff (2012-2013)


Wishkah Valley (B-8)—Combined with Lake Quinault to form Twin Valley

Former coach: Mike Mitchell (2013)


* Tekoa-Oakesdale did not play any varsity games in the 2013 season