Leaders through Week Two Comments

Good Tuesday morning football fans.  I’ve often felt Tuesday is the cruelest day of the football week.  Monday is still good for rehashing the previous week’s games; Wednesday and Thursday are prep days, if not game night night.  But Tuesday is a tweener, too far removed from last week to really enjoy it, and still too far from game night to get fully fired up.

Washington Leaders through Week Two

Eisenhower junior QB, Kolney Cassel. Photo courtesy of Rod Cassel.

The Washington rushing leader, and it’s not even close for the athletes currently tracked, is Blaine’s (2A, 1-1) Mario Gobbato, who has rushed for 525 yards on 48 carries, and an impressive 10 touchdowns.  By comparison, last year’s rushing leader Bishop Sankey rushed for 33 touchdowns (3.3 a game).

Other notables: John Murphy (Meridian, 274 yds), Dominic Boddie (South Kitsap, 263 yds), and Kyle Hanson (Lynden, 189 yds).

Two quarterbacks from Yakima are lighting it up this season.  Davis (4A) QB Deion Wright has thrown for 610 yds and 4 TDs, while Eisenhower (4A) QB Kolney Cassel has thrown for 6 TDs and 571 yds.

Other notables: Frank Catelli (Sequim, 492 yds), Josh Kraght (Lynden, 482 yds) and Trevon Myhre (Nooksack Valley, 464 yds).

Not surprisingly, the leading receivers in Washington come from the same schools as the QBs. Trey Handy (Nooksack Valley, 340 yds), Denzel Jones (Eisenhower, 288 yds) and Zach Vis (Lynden, 249 yds).

Oregon Leaders through Week Two

Oregon stats are just now trickling in.  In the meantime, read Dirk Knudsen’s article on Trevor Westover‘s monster weekend, putting up 543 all-purpose yards against South Salem.  That is the most all-purpose yards we have tracked in an 11-man game.

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