Seattle Times Wrap-Up of Playoff Meeting

The Washington State Football Coaches Assoc. and a WIAA representative met yesterday to discuss changes to playoff brackets and seeding.

Does Oregon have the answer to our football playoff system?

Should Washington follow Oregon’s suit when it comes to seeding high-school football teams into the state playoffs?

That’s a possibility discussed today (Sunday) at an informal meeting between members of Washington State Football Coaches Association committe and John Miller, assistant executive director of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association who oversees football.

“We’re going to look into that,” said Bob Bourgette, the WSFCA president who is athletic director and head football coach at Kennedy Catholic, where the meeting between the 15 people took place.

The WSFCA is interested in finding ways to avoid first-round matchups between the state’s top teams, as has happened in the past based on the current bracketing system. One possibility would be adopting the Rating Percentage Index (RPI) used by the Oregon School Activities Association.

You can learn more about Oregon’s RPIĀ here. Basically, three things are factored into the post-season seeding: a team’s weighted winning percentage (25%), a team’s opponents’ winning percentage (50%) and a team’s opponents’ oppenents’ winning percentage (25%).

Bourgette said Jamie Plenkovich from Ferndale will be checking into the pros and cons of Oregon’s system and share the information with committee members via e-mail by May 11.