On The Replay: Seattle Times Online Chat with WIAA’s Mike Colbrese

Earlier in the week, the Seattle Times preps crew hosted a live chat with WIAA’s director, Mike Colbrese.  The archived chat is up here, but there’s a few nuggets of interest regarding football, such as reworked playoff brackets and Whistlegate.

Comment From Guest
what is the current situation with the football plyaoff system change when might that change

Mike Colbrese: To date representatives of the state football coaches association have met with WIAA staff and discussed potential changes to the current seeding criteria. Right now, any proposal is in the hands of the state football coaches association.



Comment From John Perry
Do you have any control over the WOA, and is there anything you and the WIAA can do to sanction Todd Stordahl for his ridiculous decision to punish football referees for their decision to support breast cancer awareness by using pink whistles?

Mike Colbrese: This has been a difficult situation for me personally, because my mother passed away from cancer. The WOA is a separate nonprofit organization with its own board of directors. And, in this case, that board of directors made the decision regarding this issue. I am not aware of what the actual sanctions are, because I know both groups wanted to work on a resolution that each side could support.

My role is to work with both sides to get them to a better situation, so that it does not impact the games that our student athletes play.



Comment From Guest 2
What is your position or the WIAA on “third party” camps, combines, scouting services, training?

Mike Colbrese: The association rules have been developed over the rules to allow students to participate in these camps. In relation to the answer to my last question, I believe it’s healthier for students to be involved in more than one sport and involved in their school’s other activities programs.

These camps, combines and scouting services are just a byproduct of the current landscape.