Take Twitter to the Game — Tweet Your Scores

Update: Permanent of the widget for this site at www.statewidestats.com/twitterscores.php

Visit the WashingtonPreps message boards beginning at about 7:00 on a fall Friday night, and the most common thread is “Hey, score update for game X?”  There used to be a site that would update all state scores throughout the night, but it has since gone away.  The major newspapers—Everett Herald, TNT, Seattle Times, Spokesman, YakHerald, B-Herald, Olympian, etc—do a varying job throughout the night updating scores in their readership area.  But one must visit each to get scores.

I am not a huge Twitter fan.  I am seldom interested in what I might be doing at a given moment, and I can’t summon the hubris to foist that minutae upon others.  However, I think Twitter is great as a mini-news service, brief and immediate, accessible from all sorts of devices, including the multitude of cell phones in the hands of those in the stands.

I’m proposing an ad-hoc Twitter network of Friday, and Thursday and Saturday, night scores throughout Washington.  I have no idea if this is an original idea, but it’s new to me.  Twitter has a feature called hashtags, keywords prefaced by “#” that Twitter uses for tracking topics.  I am suggesting a common, easy format for people to post scores using the hash, “#wafbscores”.  For instance, this coming Friday, I will be at Meridian vs. Squalicum, so I might Twitter a score update as follows:

“#wafbscores Mer 7 Squalicum 7 1st quarter”

More Twitter magic comes into play with the simple embedding of a hashtag widget that updates Tweets in the #wafbscores topic in real-time.

You can grab the code below and embed on your own site.

<div id="twtr-search-widget"></div>
<script src="http://widgets.twimg.com/j/1/widget.js"></script>
<link href="http://widgets.twimg.com/j/1/widget.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">
<script> new TWTR.Widget({   search: '#wafbscores',
id: 'twtr-search-widget',   loop: true,   title: 'Take Twitter to the Game',
subject: 'Friday Night Scores',   width: 250,   height: 300,   theme: {     shell: {
background: '#00070a',       color: '#ffffff'     },
tweets: {       background: '#ffffff',       color: '#444444',       links: '#1985b5'     }   } }).render().start();

This widget will be pinned to the front page of Statewide Stats throughout the game weekend, and we’ll be encouraging others to include on their sites as well.

Please spread the word, tweet this, get the word out. I’ll be contact journalists to promote as well.

Later in the season, we’ll play around with some further processing to turn team abbreviations into full team names with links, i.e. “Mer” to “Meridian (1a)“.

By the way, we are on Twitter at MeridianFB and StatewideStats.