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2015 Kickoff

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Record Breaking Night in Deming -- 09/28/2015, 11:46 am

In the Friday night game between Nooksack Valley and Mt. Baker, Baker’s Jed Schleimer set a new state game rushing record of 515 yards on just 21 carries.

From the Bellingham Herald:

When a 35-yard run by junior running back Jed Schleimer put the Mountaineers up two scores with roughly 4 and a 1/2 minutes left in the first quarter, coach Ron Lepper and his team knew they might about to have a special night. They had no idea how special.

“We had no idea,” Lepper said of what wound up being a record setting night for his young running back. “We were just trying to score more points than Nooksack.”

All told, Schleimer ended the night with a state record of 515 yards on the ground with six touchdowns in a 64-30 NWC 1A win over Nooksack Valley on Friday, Sept. 25. That broke a previous state record set in 2012 by Eisenhower’s Branden Curtis who rushed for 488 in a single game.

“I gotta give all the credit to my offensive line,” Schleimer said. “They battled all night for me.”

That performance  also puts Schleimer at over 1100 yards rushing this season, with 6 games to go.

On the other side of the ball, Nooksack’s sophomore QB Casey Bauman completed 37 of his 52 attempts.  According to Tyler Anderson of History of Whatcom County Football, that sets a new Whatcom County completions record and places in the top 10 statewide all-time.

David Maley’s 11-man records (through 2013) are available here.

David Maley’s 2015 Coaching Changes List -- 09/22/2015, 1:43 pm

David Maley, a Washington high school football historian, was kind enough to provide this compilation of coaching changes for the 2015 season.


2015 Washington high school football coaching changes

Over the last decade, I have worked with Dave Tuengel (Washington Prep Football Report) and the late Mike Warchol (Washington when they compiled statewide coaching changes.

If a new coach has (1st) next to his name, it is his first head coaching job in Washington.

Any additions or corrections, please e-mail David Maley.

Anacortes (2A)—New coach: Craig Nurvic (White Swan 2004-2005)
Former coach: Dustin South (2013-2014)

Bellarmine Prep (4A)—New coach: Brian Jensen (1st)
Former coach: Tom Larsen (2003-2014)

Bishop Blanchet (3A)—New coach: Kyle Moore (1st)
Former coach: Aaron Maul (2009-2014)

Cascade (Everett) (4A)—New coach: Shane Keck (1st)
Former coach: Eric Dinwiddie (2014)

Cascade (Leavenworth) (1A)—New coach: Dominique Coffin (1st)
Former coach: Elia Ala’ilima-Daley (2004-2014)

Castle Rock (1A)—New coach: Eric Boswell (Toledo 2004; Battle Ground 2006-2009; Kalama 2011-2014)
Former coach: Ben Suhrbier (2011-2014)

Cedarcrest (2A)—New coach: Billy Ojeda (1st)
Former coach: Jason Frederick (2004-2014)

Chief Leschi (B-11)—New coach: Mark Smith (Tacoma Baptist 1991-2013)
Former coach: Kirk Willis (2013-2014)

Coupeville (1A)—New coach: Brett Smedley (1st)
Former coach: Tony Maggio (2012-2014)

Crescent (B-8)—New coach: Brian Shimko (1st)
Former coach: Darrell Yount (1997-1998, 2011-2014)

Curtis (4A)—New coach: Chris Paulson (Mount Rainier 2008-2009; Kentlake 2010-2014)
Former coach: Clay Angle (2007-2014)

Darrington (B-11/8)—New coach: Larry Lawlis (1st)
Former coach: Doug Lenker (2010-2014)

Eastmont (4A)—New coach: Mike Don (Lynnwood 2010-2011; Brewster 2012; Meadowdale 2013-2014)
Former coach: Doug McGill (2004-2014)

Everett (3A)—New coach: Doug Trainor (Ballard 2000-2004; Bellingham 2005-2011; Stanwood 2012)
Former coach: Will Soren (2005-2014)

Evergreen (Vancouver) (4A)—New coach: Terry Hyde (Prairie 2006-2014)
Former coach: Don Johnson Jr. (2013-2014)

Evergreen Lutheran (B-8)—New coach: Steve Lawrence (1st)
Former coach: Nathan Seiltz (2009-2014)

Forks (1A)—New coach: Craig Shetterly (Cedar Park Christian 2008-2010)
Former coach: Mark Feasel (2011-2014)

Foss (3A)—New coach: Matt Johnson (1st)
Former coach: Pat Johnson (2012-2014)

Foster (2A)—New coach: Elijah Ruhl (1st)
Former coach: Matt Leonard (2013-2014)

Franklin (3A)—New coach: James Hasty (1st)
Former coach: Juan Cotto (2014)

Franklin Pierce (2A)—New coach: Mickey Ahrens (1st)
Former coach: Howard Lutton (1987-2014)

Friday Harbor (B-11)—New coach: Garrett Holmes (1st)
Former coach: Richard Ledford (2002-2007, 2013-2014)

Granite Falls (2A)—New coach: Alex Hellig (1st)
Former coach: Tracey Bechtholdt (2009-2014)

Hanford (3A)—New coach: Brett Jay (River View 2008-2013; Monroe 2014)
Former coach: Rob Oram (2005-2014)

Heritage (4A)—New coach: Matt Gracey (Port Angeles 2005-2006)
Former coach: Chuck Hawthorne (2014)

Highland (1A)—New coach: Sean Sleater (1st)
Former coach: Ryan Scott (2011-2014)

Highline (2A)—New coach: Mike Johnson (1st)
Former coach: Asosa Sailiai (2013-2014)

Hudson’s Bay (2A)—New coach: Mark Oliverio (1st)
Former coaches: Andy Meyer and Rick Skinner (2014)

Juanita (3A)—New coach: Lele Te’o (1st)
Former coach: Shaun Tarantola (2008-2014)

Kalama (1A)—New coach: Sean McDonald (1st)
Former coach: Eric Boswell (2011-2014)

Kentlake (4A)—New coach: Brett Thompson (1st)
Former coach: Chris Paulson (2010-2014)

Kentwood (4A)—New coach: Mike Bush (1st)
Former coach: Rex Norris (2004-2014)

Kiona-Benton (1A)—New coach: Darren Mezger (1st)
Former coach: Craig Beverlin (2014)

Lacrosse-Washtucna-Kahlotus (B-8)—Dissolved program
Former coach: Justin Ziebell (2013-2014)

Lake Roosevelt (B-11)—New coach: Geary Oliver (1st)
Former coach: Steve Files (2012-2014)

Liberty Bell (B-8)—New coach: Steve White (1st)
Former coach: Brian Wilbur (2014)

Liberty Christian (B-8)—New coach: Craig Lukins (1st)
Former coach: Mike Olson (2007-2014)

Lincoln (Tacoma) (3A)—New coach: Masaki Matsumoto (1st)
Former coach: Jon Kitna (2012-2014)

Mariner (4A)—New coach: Mark Stewart (Renton 1988-1990, 1998-1999; Garfield (Seattle) 1992-1993, 2013; Highline 1997; Meadowdale 2000-2012)
Former coach: John Ondriezek (1993-2014)

Mead (4A)—New coach: Benji Sonnichsen (Mount Vernon 2005-2007; Prosser 2009-2014)
Former coach: Sean Carty (2001-2014)

Meadowdale (3A)—New coach: Matt Leonard (Foster 2013-2014)
Former coach: Mike Don (2013-2014)

Monroe (4A)—New coach: Michael Bumpus (1st)
Former coach: Brett Jay (2014)

Mountlake Terrace (3A)—New coach: Kelly Dougan (1st)
Former coach: Tony Umayam (2004-2014)

North Central (3A)—New coach: Tom Griggs (Rochester 2011; Riverside 2012-2014)
Former coach: Brian Gardner (2009-2014)

Northport (B-8)—New coach: Kevin Dionas (1st)
Former coach: D. Shane Fox (2013-2014)

Oakville (B-8)—New coach: Phil Spengler (Oakville 1991-1992; Adna 1996; Onalaska 1998-2000)
Former coach: Bob Johnson (1995-1998, 2000-2010)

Ocosta (B-11)—New coach: Brian Snell (1st)
Former coach: Brad Kesterson (2013-2014)

Odessa-Harrington (B-8)—New coach: Jeff A. Nelson (Lacrosse-Washtucna 1994-2012)
Former coach: Bruce Todd (2010-2014)

Pasco (4A)—New coach: Kevin Jolley (1st)
Former coach: Dustin Lamb (2009-2014)

Port Angeles (2A)—New coach: Bret Curtis (1st)
Former coach: Tom Wahl (2010-2014)

Prairie (3A)—New coach: Kevin Baker (Battle Ground 1996-2002)
Former coach: Terry Hyde (2006-2014)

Prosser (2A)—New coach: Corey Ingvalson (1st)
Former coach: Benji Sonnichsen (2009-2014)

Riverside (1A)—New coach: David “Buddy” Wood (1st)
Former coach: Tom Griggs (2012-2014)

River View (1A)—New coach: Bryce Kennell (1st)
Former coach: Kevin Hale (2014)

St. John-Endicott (B-8)—New coach: Ken Gering (1st)
Former coach: Steve Selk (2012-2014)

Seattle Prep (3A)—New coach: Bill McMahon (Lakeside (Seattle) 1979-1988, 1990-2010)
Former coach: Garrett Cook (2012-2014)

Seton Catholic (1A)—New coach: Will Ephraim (Hudson’s Bay 2010)
Former coach: Dan Chase (2011-2014)

Shorewood (3A)—New coach: Brandon Torrey (1st)
Former coach: Rob Petschl (2010-2014)

South Kitsap (4A)—New coach: Gavin Kralik (Bethel 2005-2013)
Former coach: Eric Canton (2012-2014)

South Whidbey (1A)—New coach: Michael Coe (1st)
Former coach: Chris Tormey (2014)

Steilacoom (2A)—New coach: Rich Lane (1st)
Former coach: Brian Koch (2007-2014)

Sunnyside (4A)—New coach: John Lobbestael (1st)
Former coach: Mark Marro (2002-2014)

Tekoa-Rosalia (B-8)—New coach: Scott Eaton (1st)
Former coach: Bob Bucsko (2014)

Timberline (4A)—New coach: Mike Spears (1st)
Former coach: Nick Mullen (2007-2014)

Vashon Island (1A)—New coach: Brynie Robinson (1st)
Former coach: Kelvin Goliday (2013-2014)

Waitsburg-Prescott (B-11)—New coach: Troy Larsen (1st)
Former coach: Jeff Bartlow (2007-2014)

West Valley (Yakima) (4A)—New coach: Dan Eyman (Highland 1986-1991; Eisenhower 2002-2013)
Former coach: John Beck (2010-2014)

Winlock (B-11)—New coach: Ben Suhrbier (Castle Rock 2011-2014)
Former coach: Mike Voie (1989-2001, 2012-2014)

Yakama Tribal (B-8)—New coach: Shae Schimmel (1st)
Former coach: Shaun Straka (2014)

Jon Kitna Leaves Tacoma’s Lincoln HS for Texas School -- 01/21/2015, 1:03 pm

The Tacoma News Tribune’s Todd Milles reports this morning that Jon Kitna has resigned as head coach at Lincoln High School in Tacoma to take a head coaching job in Texas.

Jon Kitna, the former NFL quarterback who returned to lead the sudden turnaround at alma mater Lincoln High School, resigned Wednesday as head coach after three seasons.

Kitna, 42, is taking a similar in job at Waxahachie High School, a Class 5A program located just south of Dallas, one unnamed source close to the situation confirmed to The News Tribune.

Kitna is also taking a handful of Lincoln assistant coaches with him, as well as his son, Jordan, who led the state in passing touchdowns for the Abes with 55. He will be a senior quarterback next fall.

Jon Kitna, Tacoma News Tribune photo

Waxahachie’s previous coach, David Reams, retired this past December after 15 years.

State Records Update from David Maley -- 12/05/2014, 11:28 am

I’m a little late on getting this out. Happy Championship Weekend to all.


Before tonight’s state semifinal games, here are some expanded lists for records in which an individual or a team could end up in the top five when the season is finished.

In the state tournament program, the top five list does not include quarterfinal games.  The deadline was following the first round.

I apologize for not updating the records list during the season.  I’m still working on it.

Any comments, questions or complaints, you know where to go.

David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)
Career Rushing (11-man schools)

  1. Jonathan Stewart, Timberline (3A) (2001-2004) 7,755 yds. 39 gms.

2. Matt Hadley, Connell (1A) (2008-2011) 6,881 yds. 53 gms.
3. Jerod Moore, Wahkiakum (B-11) (1996-1999) 6,128 yds. 38 gms.
4. Mike Brown, Adna (B-11, 1A) (1992-1995) 6,038 yds. 43 gms.
5. Mario Gobbato, Blaine (2A, 1A) (2010-2012) 5,958 yds. 30 gms.
6. Brandon Jumper, Eatonville (1A) (1984-1987) 5,910 yds. 42 gms.
7. Charlie Velling, Cascade Christian (1A) (2004-2007) 5,719 yds. 48 gms.
8. Austin Joyner, Marysville-Pilchuck (4A, 3A) (2011-2014) 5,500 yds. 34 gms.
9. J.R. Hasty, Bellevue (3A) (2002-2004) 5,493 yds. 40 gms.
10. Pete Cruickshank, Cashmere (2A) (1999-2002) 5,456 yds. 43 gms.
11. Akeem Anthony, Lakes (3A) (1999-2002) 5,449 yds. 41 gms.
12. Pat Bennett, Forks (2A) (1997-2000) 5,420 yds. 38 gms.
13. Tyree Clowe, Central Valley (4A) (1996-1998) 5,411 yds. 34 gms.
14. Todd Basler, Elma (2A) (1999-2002) 5,287 yds. 40 gms.
15. Larry Dixon, Olympic (3A) (2007-2009) 5,222 yds. 30 gms.
16. Bishop Sankey, Gonzaga Prep (4A) (2008-2010) 5,139 yds. 25 gms.
17. Josh Bousman, Tacoma Baptist (1A) (1999-2002) 5,049 yds. 46 gms.

Season Rushing (11-man schools)
1. Kai Van Sickle, Capital (2A) (2012) 2,774 yds. 12 gms.
2. Jordan Todd, Interlake (2A) (2011) 2,681 yds. 12 gms.
3. Matthias Wilson, Ferndale (3A) (1997) 2,676 yds. 14 gms.
4. Johnie Kirton, Jackson (4A) (2003) 2,675 yds. 12 gms.
5. Mario Gobbato, Blaine (2A) (2011) 2,669 yds. 10 gms.
6. Mario Gobbato, Blaine (1A) (2012) 2,661 yds. 10 gms.
7. Austin Urlacher, Chiawana (4A) (2014) 2,570 yds. 12 gms.
8. Jonathan Stewart, Timberline (3A) (2003) 2,566 yds. 12 gms.
9. Jerod Moore, Wahkiakum (B-11) (1999) 2,538 yds. 11 gms.
10. Bishop Sankey, Gonzaga Prep (4A) (2010) 2,522 yds. 10 gms.
11. J.R. Hasty, Bellevue (3A) (2004) 2,519 yds. 13 gms.
12. Matt Hadley, Connell (1A) (2010) 2,516 yds. 14 gms.
Career All-Purpose Touchdowns (all schools)

1. Joe Campbell, Tri-Cities Prep (B-8) (2003-2006) 125 TD 39 gms.
2. Matt Hadley, Connell (1A) (2008-2011) 124 TD 53 gms.
3. A.J. Kieffer, Wellpinit (B-8) (2010-2012) 110 TD 33 gms.
4. Josh Adams, Sprague-Harrington (B-8) (2001-2004) 102 TD 41 gms.
5. Jay Becker, King’s Way Christian (B-8) (2010-2013) 100 TD 35 gms.
6. Kirby Moore, Prosser (3A, 2A) (2005-2008) 99 TD 50 gms.
7. Todd Basler, Elma (2A) (1999-2002) 97 TD 40 gms.
8. Jonathan Stewart, Timberline (3A) (2001-2004) 95 TD 39 gms.
9. Jason Reed, Rosalia (B-8) and Cheney (3A) (1985-1988) 93 TD 47 gms.
9. Jake Webster, Easton-Thorp (B-8) (2006-2008) 93 TD 26 gms.
11. Pete Cruickshank, Cashmere (2A) (1999-2002) 92 TD 43 gms.
11. J.R. Hasty, Bellevue (3A) (2002-2004) 92 TD 40 gms.
11. Nate Williams, Kennedy (3A) (2003-2006) 92 TD 50 gms.
14. Shane Stonemetz, Zillah (1A) (2000-2003) 91 TD 48 gms.
14. Jeff Jack, Royal (1A) (2003-2005) 91 TD 41 gms.
16. Chico McClatcher, Federal Way (4A) (2011-2014) 89 TD 46 gms.
17. Austin Joyner, Marysville-Pilchuck (4A, 3A) (2011-2014) 88 TD 34 gms.
***This does not include touchdown passes thrown.

Career Scoring (all schools)
1. Joe Campbell, Tri-Cities Prep (B-8) (2003-2006) 808 pts. 39 gms.
2. A.J. Kieffer, Wellpinit (B-8) (2010-2012) 756 pts. 33 gms.
3. Matt Hadley, Connell (1A) (2008-2011) 746 pts. 53 gms.
4. Jeff Jack, Royal (1A) (2003-2005) 722 pts. 41 gms.
5. Jake Webster, Easton-Thorp (B-8) (2006-2008) 716 pts. 26 gms.
6. Jay Becker, King’s Way Christian (B-8) (2010-2013) 678 pts. 35 gms.
7. Josh Adams, Sprague-Harrington (B-8) (2001-2004) 662 pts. 41 gms.
8. Kirby Moore, Prosser (3A, 2A) (2005-2008) 608 pts. 50 gms.
9. Todd Basler, Elma (2A) (1999-2002) 607 pts. 40 gms.
10. Jason Reed, Rosalia (B-8) and Cheney (3A) (1985-1988) 606 pts. 47 gms.
11. Jonathan Stewart, Timberline (3A) (2001-2004) 578 pts. 39 gms.
12. Pete Cruickshank, Cashmere (2A) (1999-2002) 560 pts. 43 gms.
12. J.R. Hasty, Bellevue (3A) (2002-2004) 560 pts. 40 gms.
14. Nate Williams, Kennedy (3A) (2003-2006) 558 pts. 50 gms.
15. Shane Stonemetz, Zillah (1A) (2000-2003) 554 pts. 48 gms.
16. Austin Joyner, Marysville-Pilchuck (4A, 3A) (2011-2014) 538 pts. 34 gms.
17. Chico McClatcher, Federal Way (4A) (2011-2014) 536 pts. 46 gms.
***This does not include touchdown or two-point conversion passes thrown.

Longest Winning Streaks (all schools)
1. Bellevue (3A) 66 (2010-present)

2. Lacrosse-Washtucna (B-8) 49 (2002-2006)
3. Toledo (1A, B-11) 48 (1965-1970)
4. Raymond (1A) 44 (1973-1976)
5. Onalaska (4A) 40 (1936-1940)
6. Archbishop Murphy (2A, 1A) 39 (2002-2004)
7. Ephrata (1A) 38 (1986-1988)
7. Lind-Ritzville-Sprague (B-11) 38 (2012-present)
9. St. John (B-11, B-8) 37 (1965-1969)
9. Curtis (3A) 37 (1970-1973)

History of Whatcom County Football’s Top 500 Players Project -- 10/10/2014, 1:00 pm

About 18 months ago, Tyler Anderson, who’s been the top contributor to for nearly 10 years, opened his excellent History of Whatcom County Football Facebook page.  The page, which is devoted to the past and present greats playing in Whatcom County, quickly took off and currently generates tens of thousands of interactions a week.

What fans didn’t know in April 2013 was that Tyler had something bigger in store.  Tyler is a stats and sports history junkie.  Since he was in junior high, Tyler had been researching football, baseball and basketball. He’d go so far as to take his own stat book at basketball games.  By the time Tyler started helping me hear at SWS in 2005, he’d accumulated a massive archive of newspaper clippings and stats, and his own remarkable memory of games-n-names in WhatCo football history.

All that work came to public fruition in April 2014 when Tyler launched his own website, and his signature project, The Top 500.  Tyler took all that statistical research, combined with all-league/all-state awards, team achievements, and questionnaire solicited through the Facebook page, and created an systematic way to pick the top 500 players from Whatcom County from approximately 6500 going back to 1975. Starting in May, Tyler’s been counting down with 3 or 4 players posted per day.

The countdown currently stands at 47, Meridian QB Tyler Slesk.

Once the countdown is over, Tyler says that he has other features in the works. He’s conducted one-on-one interviews with dozens of former players.  Incredibly, he’s also been borrowing game film, back to the 1980s, from coaches and digitizing it.

Even if you’re not from Whatcom County, it’s definitely something to check out.  And I hope that other areas might be inspired to do something similar.

David Maley’s 2014 Coaching & Team Changes List -- 08/19/2014, 4:59 pm

Editor’s Note: On the eve of the opening of 2014 practices, David Maley, the state’s unofficial football historian, has compiled a list of coaching and team changes for 2014. If you have any updates for the questions Mr. Maley has below, please email.

Once again, I’m compiling statewide prep football coaching changes.

If a new coach has (1st) next to his name, it is his first head coaching job in Washington.

I’m not sure about the following:

Who’s coaching at Columbia (Burbank)?
Who’s coaching at Inchelium?
Is the southwest Washington football cooperative officially known as Pe Ell-Willapa Valley, Willapa Valley-Pe Ell, or something else?

Any additions or corrections, you know where to go.  Forwarding this his highly encouraged.

David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)


Aberdeen (2A)—New coach: Kevin Ridout (Lake Quinault 1987-1991; Hoquiam 1992-1996; Tenino 2001-2009)

Former coach: Terry Dion (2012-2013)


Asotin (B-11)—New coach: Jim Holman (1st)

Former coach: Sal Lopez (2002-2013)


Bellingham (2A)—New coach: Ted Flint (Sehome 1998-1999; Eastmont 2000-2003)

Former coach: Steve Wilson (2012-2013)


Bethel (4A)—New coach: Mark Iddins (1st)

Former coach: Gavin Kralik (2005-2013)


Burbank (1A)—New coach:

Former coach: Rich Harris (2009-2013)


Cascade (Everett) (4A)—New coach: Eric Dinwiddie (Granite Falls 2003-2008)

Former coach: Joe Cronin (2012-2013)


Cedar Park Christian (1A)—New coach: Bill Marsh (Eastside Catholic 1999-2008; Archbishop Murphy 2012, first 4 games)

Former coach: Todd Parmenter (2011-2013)


Chimacum (1A)—New coach: Mike Dowling (1st)

Former coach: Shawn Meacham (2009-2013)


Clarkston (2A)—New coach: Brycen Bye (Wahluke 2011-2013)

Former coach: Dave Curtis (1987-2013)


Dayton (B-8)—New coach: Jerry Dedloff (Dayton 2001-2003)

Former coach: Dean Bickelhaupt (2010-2013)


Eisenhower (4A)—New coach: Gary Jimenez (1st)

Former coach: Dan Eyman (2002-2013)


Evergreen (Seattle) (2A)—New coach: Jim Wright (Seattle Lutheran 2011; Franklin 2012-2013)

Former coach: Andy Arena (2012-2013)


Fort Vancouver (3A)—New coach: Cal Szueber (Fort Vancouver 2007-2010)

Former coach: Todd Quincey (2013)


Franklin (3A)—New coach: Juan Cotto (Highline 2008-2012)

Former coach: Jim Wright (2012-2013)


Garfield (Seattle) (3A)—New coach: Derek Sparks (1st)

Former coach: Mark Stewart (1992-1993, 2013)


Hazen (3A)—New coach: David Kilpatrick-White (1st)

Former coach: Drew Oliver (2009-2013)


Heritage (4A)—New coach: Chuck Hawthorne (Mountain View 1981-1989)

Former coach: Jack Hathaway (2011-2013)


Hockinson (2A)—New coach: Rick Steele (Hockinson 2004-2012)

Former coach: Brian Schott (2013)


Hudson’s Bay (2A)—New coaches: Andy Meyer and Rick Skinner (both 1st)

Former coach: Sylvester Green Jr. (2012-2013)


Hunters (B-8)—New coach: Jesse Templeton (1st)

First year of football since 2009


Hunters-Inchelium (B-8)—Dissolved cooperative

Former coach: Brian Myers (2013)


Inchelium (B-8)—New coach:

First year of football since 2009


Issaquah (4A)—New coach: Emanuel “Buddy” Bland (Jefferson 1994-1998; Issaquah 1999-2005)

Former coach: Chris Bennett (2008-2013)


Jefferson (4A)—New coach: Jeff Zenisek (Orcas Island 1987-1989; Tenino 2010-2013)

Former coach: Dean Peck (2007-2013)


Kiona-Benton (1A)—New coach: Craig Beverlin (Kamiakin 1984-2008)

Former coach: Charlie Hobbick (2009-2013)


Lake Quinault (B-8)—Combined with Wishkah Valley to form Twin Valley

Former coach: Darren Marshall (2013, last 5 games)


Lake Washington (3A)—New coach: Andrew (A.J.) Parnell (1st)

Former coach: Steve Supple (2010-2013)


Lyle-Wishram (B-8)—New coach: Antoine Montoya (1st)

First year of football since 2011


Lynnwood (3A)—Keauntea Bankhead and Danny Hawkins were co-head coaches in 2013

Former coach: Danny Hawkins (2013)


Monroe (4A)—New coach: Brett Jay (River View 2008-2013)

Former coach: Dick H. Abrams (2011-2013)


Mount Spokane (3A)—New coach: Terry Cloer (1st)

Former coach: Mike McLaughlin (1997-2013)


Mount Tahoma (3A)—New coach: Ricky Daley (1st)

Former coach: Kevin Hanis (2007-2013)


Newport (Bellevue) (4A)—New coach: Drew Oliver (Hazen 2009-2013)

Former coach: Mike Miller (2004-2013)


Orcas Island (B-11)—New coach: Justin Frausto (1st)

Former coach: Scott Harris (2010-2013)


Pe Ell (B-11)—Combined with Willapa Valley

Former coach: Josh Fluke (2013)


Pe Ell-Willapa Valley (B-11)—New coach: Josh Fluke (Pe Ell 2013)

First year of football cooperative


Quilcene (B-8)—New coach: Byron Wilson (Hazen 2000-2002)

Former coach: Nic Dahl (2011-2013)


Raymond (B-11)—New coach: Luke Abbott (1st)

Former coach: Rob Clements (2011-2013)


Renton (2A)—New coach: Tim Tramp (Lake Washington 1998-2005; Arlington 2006-2007)

Former coach: Donald Ponds (2010-2013)


River View (1A)—New coach: Kevin Hale (1st)

Former coach: Brett Jay (2008-2013)


Rogers (Spokane) (3A)—New coach: Ben Cochran (Lincoln (Tacoma) 2008)

Former coach: Matt Miethe (2007-2013)


Rosalia (B-8)—Combined with Tekoa

Former coach: Kaleb Madison (2013)


Sammamish (2A)—New coach: Todd Craig (1st)

Former coach: Brian Tucci (2009-2013)


Seattle Lutheran (B-8)—New coach: Anthony Stordahl (1st)

Former coach: Jeff Scott (2012-2013)


Shadle Park (3A)—New coach: Jim Mace (1st)

Former coach: Alan Stanfield (2010-2013)


South Whidbey (1A)—New coach: Chris Tormey (1st)

Former coaches: Andy Davis (2009-2013) and Mark Hodson (2001-2009, 2011-2013)


Squalicum (2A)—New coach: Nick Lucey (1st)

Former coach: Reed Richardson (2006-2013)


Stadium (4A)—New coach: Thomas Ford (1st)

Former coach: Jess Nelson (2007-2013)


Sunnyside Christian (B-8)—New coach: Jeremy Thomas (1st)

Former coach: Ray Hernandez (2009-2013)


Tacoma Baptist (B-11)—New coach: Tim Rasmussen (1st)

Former coach: Mark Smith (1991-2013)


Tekoa-Oakesdale* (B-8)—Dissolved cooperative

Former coach: Ken Lindgren (1997-2002, 2013)


Tekoa-Rosalia (B-11)—New coach: Bob Bucsko (Highland 1982-1985; Blaine 1986-1988; Zillah 1989-1990; Okanogan 1992-1994; Lyle-Klickitat-Wishram 1995-1997)

First year of football cooperative


Tenino (1A)—New coach: Randy Swilley (Hoquiam 1997-2002; Yelm 2008-2012)

Former coach: Jeff Zenisek (2010-2013)


Toutle Lake (B-11)—New coach: Art Walsh (Castle Rock 2008-2010)

Former coach: Scott Grabenhorst (1979-2013)


Twin Valley (B-8)—New coach: Mike Mitchell (Wishkah Valley 2013)

First year of football cooperative


Union (4A)—New coach: Gary McGarvie (Fort Vancouver 2001-2004)

Former coach: Cale Piland (2007-2013)


Wahluke (1A)—New coach: Michael Foristiere (1st)

Former coach: Brycen Bye (2011-2013)


Willapa Valley (B-11)—Combined with Pe Ell

Former coach: Greg Wonhoff (2012-2013)


Wishkah Valley (B-8)—Combined with Lake Quinault to form Twin Valley

Former coach: Mike Mitchell (2013)


* Tekoa-Oakesdale did not play any varsity games in the 2013 season



WIAA Rep Assembly Speeds Up Running Clock Again -- 05/06/2014, 11:57 am

Most valuable commodity is time

The Tacoma News Tribune reports today that the WIAA Representative Assembly has change the running clock rule again for the 2014 season.

* Amendment 57.7.0 alters the rules of the running-clock “mercy rule” in high school football. The clock will now run through official’s timeouts, shortening a blowout game.

The Columbian clarifies a little further on what those “official’s timeouts” mean.

  • The running clock rule in football was amended so that the clock will no longer stop during an official’s timeout (i.e. for a penalty ruling or a first-down measurement).

The end result is to take even more time on the field from players.

I have been opposed to the running clock rule, as it is mandated from the WIAA, since it’s inception.  A high school football player receives a finite allotment of playing minutes during his career.  The top down rule artificially shortens that experience whether either team likes it or not.  For years prior to the state rule, coaches could confer at halftime, or during a timeout even, to agree to move to a running clock.  I have never heard an instance where a request was denied. I have, however, heard of coaches on the winning side suggesting a running clock and the coach on the losing side turning it down so as not to take away time for his players.  Since the running clock rule was established in 2009, coaches and players have lost that flexibility.  More playing time lost.

Arlington “Flash Football” Fundraiser to Benefit Oso Slide Victim -- 04/03/2014, 10:58 am


Arlington football senior Max Gray is organizing a fundraiser to benefit an Arlington middle school football player missing in the slide.

Arlington High School senior Max Gray is assembling a charity game of flash football and a barbecue at his high school on Friday, April 4 starting at 11 a.m.

The event will take place at Arlington High School in support of Jovon “Jojo” Mangual, a 13-year-old Haller Middle School seventh-grader who went missing during the Oso mudslide on March 22, along with his four other family members.

The donations will go to Mangual’s mother, Jonielle Spillers.

Gray coached Mangual over the summer and remembered the Mangual’s competitive nature, along with his love for football.

“He was the smallest kid on the team, but he had the biggest heart,” Gray said. “He would go up against anyone.”

Max has a Facebook event page set up for information, coordination and ways to help out. Online donations can be made at

David Maley Updates Current Winning & Losing Streaks -- 10/25/2013, 10:54 am

Washington football historian David Maley sent along this update to current winning and losing streaks in the state.

Statewide winning streak list
Bellevue (3A)   47
Lynden (2A)   20
Lind-Ritzville-Sprague (B-11)   19
King’s Way Christian (1A but playing 8-man)   10
Ellensburg (2A)   8
Many schools   7

Statewide losing streak list
Winlock (B-11)   26
Chief Leschi (B-11)   22
Mount Rainier-Tyee (4A)   20
Wapato (2A)   19
Highland (1A)   17
Mount Tahoma (3A, 4A)   17
Pasco (4A)   17
Sammamish (2A)   17
Lynnwood (4A)   16
South Bend (B-11)   15
Stadium (4A)   15
Ilwaco (1A)   14
Snohomish (4A)   10
Springdale (B-11)   10

David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)

David Maley’s Update on Brett Rypien’s New Passing Records -- 10/06/2013, 11:54 pm

David Maley, prep historian and custodian of all things notable in Washington football history, sent the update below on Brett Rypien’s new passing records. Also, Vince Grippi at the Spokesman-Review did some research and found that Rypien’s single-game passing numbers would have led Greater Spokane League in season passing as late as 1975, and some other interesting historical trivia. –CA

Shadle Park QB Brett Rypien, photo

Shadle Park’s Brett Rypien not only broke his own single-game passing yardage record but also the single-game pass completions record.

Rypien tied the large-school mark in single-game passing touchdowns with 8. DeSales’ Brian Lindgren has the all-time 11-man single-game passing TD record with 9 in a 1998 regular-season game vs St. John-Endicott.

David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)


Single-game passing (11-man)

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2013) 613 yds.

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2012) 577 yds.

Joey Roppo, Monroe (2010) 516 yds.

Ben Dougherty, Elma (1997) 513 yds.

Ty Taubenheim, Lynden (1999) 513 yds.

Conor Plaisance, Jackson (2012) 508 yds.

Mark Mace, Kennewick (2003) 498 yds.

Ryan Bergman, Issaquah (2009) 498 yds.

Ethan Sterkel, Ellensburg (2009) 497 yds.

Deion Wright, Davis (2011) 497 yds.


Single-game pass completions (11-man)

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2013) 44 comp.

Chris Brown, Bonney Lake (2011) 42 comp.

Max Browne, Skyline (2011) 40 comp.

Dan Lewis, Mountain View (2003) 39 comp.

Max Browne, Skyline (2010) 39 comp.

Brian Foreman, Skyline (2002) 38 comp.

Connor Halliday, Ferris (2009) 38 comp.

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2012) 38 comp.

Andy Smith, Arlington (2009) 37 comp.

Joel McKee, Stevenson (1993) 36 comp.

Stefan Walker, Port Angeles (2006) 36 comp.

Kellen Moore, Prosser (2006) 36 comp.

Chris Brown, Bonney Lake (2011) 36 comp.


Single-game passing touchdowns (11-man)

Brian Lindgren, DeSales (1998) 9 TD

Drew Miller, Lakes (1996) 8 TD

Kellen Moore, Prosser (2006) 8 TD

Steffin Church, Kentlake (2012) 8 TD

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2013) 8 TD

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