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Getting Started

How-To Start — Short Version

1. Register
2. Wait for an admin to approve your account (sorry, have to keep the spammers out). Unless you register late at night, turnaround is quick.
3. Find your team page and make sure the schedule is correct.
4. Check the team's roster and make sure it's correct and complete, or email a roster in something like an Excel table format to
5. Click on the "add stats" link in the schedule at the bottom of the team's page.

A little more time on your hands? Read on for the nitty-gritty...


We have designed the site to be as easy as possible to use. With our current system, it takes less than five minutes to enter an entire game's worth of stats. But at the same time, this is a volunteer effort. We are always open to suggestions for improving the site.

One of the key differences between Statewide Stats and a site like the Seattle Times or MaxPreps (both excellent resources) is our ability to track a player's career stats. For whatever reason, it appears that both of those sites start over with a clean roster every year. In other words, there is a 2007 version of Demetrius Bronson and a separate 2006 version, but the numbers from each season don't combine for a single career record for that player. Along the same line, we permit and encourage stats from any season. Teams like Meridian and Royal and all the Whatcom County schools have stats going back as far as 1974.

Structure of the Site

The main page of the site is the Stat Leaders page, the overall leaderboard for all the stats entered into the system. The leaderboard can be filtered by season, classification, or league, and be grouped by team or by player.

Each player also has his (we don't have any stats currently for female players) own player page such as Stephen Tucker's page. The player page includes game-by-game, season and career stats. The player is linked to his team's page. However, it's important to note that some players, such as Mike Perez, have played at more than one school because of transfers. To the extent we are aware of transfer situations, each school the player has been at is noted separately.

The last main organizational structure of the site are the team pages. Each team, Archbishop Murphy for example, has its own page. The team page lists the team stats leaders, team schedule, and in some cases team statistics like first downs, allowed yards, and quarter-by-quarter scoring. The level of information provided just depends on the amount contributed by users. All of the information can be filtered by season, or by all-time. There are also a number of important links on the player page, including links to manage the team's schedule and roster. Both roster and schedule are very important to the operation of the site.

In addition, the site has a Forum to ask questions, and Stats on the Stats page to show some of the technical minutea of the site, such as which player has the most entries and which user has wasted the most time contributed the most data.

How-To Start — Long Version

First, register on the site. The backend membership system is based on the popular PHPBB bulletin board application. Don't worry, we don't disclose your information to anyone. After registering, there will be a delay before your account is active. We have to review and approve each registration to keep out spammers. If you sign up late at night, it probably won't get looked at until the morning.

Once you're signed up, the second step is to review your team's schedule. The preferred method for entering stats is game-by-game. That allows for better averages and a running leaderboard as the season goes on. We can accept stats entered by season basis, however, and that is what usually happens for historical stats. Find your team using the link that says, coincidentally, "Find Team/Player," choose by team classification or by a list of all teams, and click on your team's link to get to the team page. On the team page, click on the schedules/results link to get the schedule manage page. Enter in your team schedule using the date and team drop down menus.

Third, check the team roster. Again, on the team page, click "Manage Roster." The Roster management page lists the existing roster for a given season. Pay special attention to player grad years. Grad years are the biggest error on a roster. After all, a player's year isn't on his jersey with name and number. When entering a player, use the "Check for Dupes" button to look for the player in previous years. If there is a dupe, click the players name to instead edit the player, changing his grad year. Even easier, email your roster in something like an Excel table format to We have a import tool that can pull in a full roster and save a lot of time.

Finally, the fourth step is to add the stats in. And this is the easiest part once schedule and roster are complete. From the team page, click the "add stats" link from the schedule at the bottom of the page. The Add Stats pages gives you a spreadsheet-link form with 20 rows.

Using the form, input stats for each player and each type—rushing, receiving, passing, etc. As this is a mult-user system, there's always the possibility for duplicate entries. The system is designed to look for dupes by player, game and stat-type. A green check mark means the row has been checked and is OK. And orange "?" means the row has not been checked. And a red X means there's a dupe. Click on the red X for more information, such as who entered it. We are working on a way to better handle duplicates, such as taking all entries and reporting the average as the final number.

Only rows "checked" on the far left will be entered.

If you need to enter a player during the stats process, you can click the "Add Player" link at the top of the player column. A form will pop up and once added, the new player will be immediately available in the player dropdown menus. If you need more than 20 rows, after submitting the form you will have chance to click a link to add stats for the same game again.

With a complete schedule and roster, entering a whole game's worth of stats takes less than 5 minutes.

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