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WIAA Rep Assembly Speeds Up Running Clock Again -- 05/06/2014, 11:57 am

Most valuable commodity is time

The Tacoma News Tribune reports today that the WIAA Representative Assembly has change the running clock rule again for the 2014 season.

* Amendment 57.7.0 alters the rules of the running-clock “mercy rule” in high school football. The clock will now run through official’s timeouts, shortening a blowout game.

The Columbian clarifies a little further on what those “official’s timeouts” mean.

  • The running clock rule in football was amended so that the clock will no longer stop during an official’s timeout (i.e. for a penalty ruling or a first-down measurement).

The end result is to take even more time on the field from players.

I have been opposed to the running clock rule, as it is mandated from the WIAA, since it’s inception.  A high school football player receives a finite allotment of playing minutes during his career.  The top down rule artificially shortens that experience whether either team likes it or not.  For years prior to the state rule, coaches could confer at halftime, or during a timeout even, to agree to move to a running clock.  I have never heard an instance where a request was denied. I have, however, heard of coaches on the winning side suggesting a running clock and the coach on the losing side turning it down so as not to take away time for his players.  Since the running clock rule was established in 2009, coaches and players have lost that flexibility.  More playing time lost.

Arlington “Flash Football” Fundraiser to Benefit Oso Slide Victim -- 04/03/2014, 10:58 am


Arlington football senior Max Gray is organizing a fundraiser to benefit an Arlington middle school football player missing in the slide.

Arlington High School senior Max Gray is assembling a charity game of flash football and a barbecue at his high school on Friday, April 4 starting at 11 a.m.

The event will take place at Arlington High School in support of Jovon “Jojo” Mangual, a 13-year-old Haller Middle School seventh-grader who went missing during the Oso mudslide on March 22, along with his four other family members.

The donations will go to Mangual’s mother, Jonielle Spillers.

Gray coached Mangual over the summer and remembered the Mangual’s competitive nature, along with his love for football.

“He was the smallest kid on the team, but he had the biggest heart,” Gray said. “He would go up against anyone.”

Max has a Facebook event page set up for information, coordination and ways to help out. Online donations can be made at

David Maley Updates Current Winning & Losing Streaks -- 10/25/2013, 10:54 am

Washington football historian David Maley sent along this update to current winning and losing streaks in the state.

Statewide winning streak list
Bellevue (3A)   47
Lynden (2A)   20
Lind-Ritzville-Sprague (B-11)   19
King’s Way Christian (1A but playing 8-man)   10
Ellensburg (2A)   8
Many schools   7

Statewide losing streak list
Winlock (B-11)   26
Chief Leschi (B-11)   22
Mount Rainier-Tyee (4A)   20
Wapato (2A)   19
Highland (1A)   17
Mount Tahoma (3A, 4A)   17
Pasco (4A)   17
Sammamish (2A)   17
Lynnwood (4A)   16
South Bend (B-11)   15
Stadium (4A)   15
Ilwaco (1A)   14
Snohomish (4A)   10
Springdale (B-11)   10

David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)

David Maley’s Update on Brett Rypien’s New Passing Records -- 10/06/2013, 11:54 pm

David Maley, prep historian and custodian of all things notable in Washington football history, sent the update below on Brett Rypien’s new passing records. Also, Vince Grippi at the Spokesman-Review did some research and found that Rypien’s single-game passing numbers would have led Greater Spokane League in season passing as late as 1975, and some other interesting historical trivia. –CA

Shadle Park QB Brett Rypien, photo

Shadle Park’s Brett Rypien not only broke his own single-game passing yardage record but also the single-game pass completions record.

Rypien tied the large-school mark in single-game passing touchdowns with 8. DeSales’ Brian Lindgren has the all-time 11-man single-game passing TD record with 9 in a 1998 regular-season game vs St. John-Endicott.

David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)


Single-game passing (11-man)

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2013) 613 yds.

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2012) 577 yds.

Joey Roppo, Monroe (2010) 516 yds.

Ben Dougherty, Elma (1997) 513 yds.

Ty Taubenheim, Lynden (1999) 513 yds.

Conor Plaisance, Jackson (2012) 508 yds.

Mark Mace, Kennewick (2003) 498 yds.

Ryan Bergman, Issaquah (2009) 498 yds.

Ethan Sterkel, Ellensburg (2009) 497 yds.

Deion Wright, Davis (2011) 497 yds.


Single-game pass completions (11-man)

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2013) 44 comp.

Chris Brown, Bonney Lake (2011) 42 comp.

Max Browne, Skyline (2011) 40 comp.

Dan Lewis, Mountain View (2003) 39 comp.

Max Browne, Skyline (2010) 39 comp.

Brian Foreman, Skyline (2002) 38 comp.

Connor Halliday, Ferris (2009) 38 comp.

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2012) 38 comp.

Andy Smith, Arlington (2009) 37 comp.

Joel McKee, Stevenson (1993) 36 comp.

Stefan Walker, Port Angeles (2006) 36 comp.

Kellen Moore, Prosser (2006) 36 comp.

Chris Brown, Bonney Lake (2011) 36 comp.


Single-game passing touchdowns (11-man)

Brian Lindgren, DeSales (1998) 9 TD

Drew Miller, Lakes (1996) 8 TD

Kellen Moore, Prosser (2006) 8 TD

Steffin Church, Kentlake (2012) 8 TD

Brett Rypien, Shadle Park (2013) 8 TD

Rypien Sets 11-Man State Record with 613-Yard Passing Performance -- 10/04/2013, 10:18 am

Shadle Park junior QB Brett Rypien went off again last night in Shadle’s 63-42 win over Mt. Spokane, throwing for 613 yard (44 of 59, 8 TDs, 0 INt), a new 11-man state record.

Shadle Park QB Brett Rypien, photo

Here’s the NW Preps Now story on the game.

In a word, wild.

In another word, unprecedented.

Shadle Park junior quarterback Brett Rypien had another mind-dazzling night, becoming the first 11-man Washington football player to throw for more than 600 yards Thursday night, as the Highlanders knocked off Greater Spokane League-leading Mt. Spokane 63-42 at Joe Albi Stadium.

Rypien completed 44 of 59 passes for 613 yards and eight touchdowns. He also rushed for a touchdown, accounting for all of the Highlanders’ scoring.

The 613 eclipses the single-game GSL record Rypien set last year when he threw for 577 in an overtime loss to Central Valley.

Most important, though, the Highlanders secured tiebreaking criteria over Mt. Spokane should the teams finished tied. That would give Shadle the top 3A postseason seed.

As usual, Rypien spread the praise around – crediting the nine different teammates who caught passes and the five linemen who kept a stout Mt. Spokane defensive line out of his face.

Shadle coach Alan Stanfield knew how many yards Rypien had midway in the fourth quarter. After Rypien completed his final pass – a 14-yard hook up with Skyler Kelley – Stanfield pulled Rypien with about 3 minutes to go.

“That’s pretty crazy,” Rypien said, when told how many yards he had.

Then Rypien talked about the critical accomplishment.

“That was the main goal coming into this game, just getting the first seed for playoffs, (and) home-field advantage is going to be huge for us,” he said. “I felt like our receivers did a great job. Coach Stanfield told us to be patient early, that we’d get our one-on-one opportunities. They can’t be covered one-on-one. They’re very good when they’re in space.”

Three SP receivers had over 100 yards receiving: Tanner Pauly (10 recpt, 243 yds, 4 TDs), Nick Kiourkas (9 recpt, 122 yds, 3 TDs), and Cam Duty (11 recpt, 117 yds, 1 TDs).

It appears that Rypien set two state records last night, per David Maley’s record book.  He broke his own game passing yards (577) set last year, and broke Chris Brown‘s 42 completion record from 2011.

Nationally, the game record is 764 yards, but Rypien’s 613 gets into the top 20 or so.  His 44 completions are a little closer to the national game completion record of 47.

Thanks to the folks below for lighting up Twitter last night.

Fun with Numbers: Week 3 Average Scores & Margins of Victory -- 09/23/2013, 2:56 pm

The table below is a summary of Week 3 games in Washington.  The data set includes games where the victor was a Washington team.  Likewise, the 11-man/8-man breakdown is also predicated on the victor, but I don’t think any crossovers occurred there.  There are a total of 151 games included, which might be missing a few.

A few of the scores are annotated with a link to the winning team.

11-Man 8-Man All
Games 138 13 151
Average Winning Score 37.18 54.85 38.70
Average Losing Score 13.09 18.62 13.57
Max Winning Score 74 94 94
Max Losing Score 40 57 57
Min Winning Score 13 24 13
Min Losing Score 0 0 0
Average Winning Margin 24.09 36.23 25.13
Max Winning Margin 74 82 82
Min Winning Margin 1 5 1

David Maley on Bellevue’s Record Winning Streak -- 09/09/2013, 10:17 am

David Maley, officially unofficial Washington prep football historian, sent out this release yesterday on Bellevue following their 45-7 win over Skyline in the Emerald City Kickoff Classic.

Last season, Bellevue tied and broke the big-school record for most consecutive games won when they beat Ferndale 28-0 (State 3A first round) and Peninsula 40-3 (State 3A quarterfinal), respectively.  After Saturday’s win against Skyline, the winning streak is at 41.
Former 4A/3A record-holder for most consecutive games won
37  Curtis (3A) (9/11/1970 to 11/2/1973; lost on 11/10/1973 to Stanwood 17-0, State 3A quarterfinal)
There are three more records that Bellevue could tie or break this season.
Most consecutive games won (all 11-man schools)
48  Toledo (B-11, 1A) (10/8/1965 to 10/2/1970; lost on 10/9/1970 to Ocosta 36-20, non-league)
Most consecutive games won (all schools)
49  Lacrosse-Washtucna (B-8) (9/13/2002 to 9/1/2006; lost on 9/8/2006 to Garfield-Palouse 46-18, Southeast B-8 League)
Most consecutive games without a loss (all schools)
51  Lake Washington (4A) (9/21/1956 to 10/27/1961; lost on 11/3/1961 to Mercer Island 7-6, Kingco Conference)     (48 wins and 3 ties)
David Maley (Rosalia, Wash.)

Where does Bellevue record stand nationally? According to the National Federation of High School Sports’s football record book, the Wolverines need about a season and a half of unbeaten ball to make the national top 10, at 64 wins.  The overall national record is held by De La Salle at 151 wins, famously broken by… Bellevue in 2003.

Roll Out the 2013 Season #WAFBScores -- 09/05/2013, 5:45 pm

The new season’s here! The new season’s here!

Looks like nine games kickoff the 2013 season tonight, including South Kitsap vs. Kentridge and Gig Harbor vs. O’Dea.

Remember to update and follow the scoring action on Twitter via the #WAFBScores hashtag.  Go back into the vaults to read the #WAFBScores manifesto.

With any luck, right below here is a real-time feed of #WAFBScores tweets.

Wall Street Journal: In Defense of Football -- 08/20/2013, 10:58 am

Despite football’s increasing popularity, or perhaps because of it, the game we love has faced a high level of scrutiny and criticism in the past few years.  Some of the criticism is valid and necessary, particularly regarding player safety.  Some of it is self-inflicted backlash against strutting egos and corruption.  And some is completely inane, such as Malcolm Gladwell, an otherwise thoughtful man, comparing football to dogfighting.

Lining up to watch football in Ferndale

Lining up to watch football in Ferndale

Thus, I was happy to read an article in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, In Defense of Football, by historian Max Boot, that was both emotional and rational.

The case for continuing to watch, celebrate and participate in what has become the de facto national pastime—football long ago displaced baseball as America’s most popular sport—remains strong. For 1.1 million players in high school and about 2.8 million players in youth leagues, football can provide an invaluable lesson in team effort, hard work and discipline, along with a sense of camaraderie that can last a lifetime. (New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin notes that he still has a “tremendous bond” with his teammates from a championship high-school team a half-century ago.) For 32,000 young men who attend college on football scholarships (out of a total of 68,000 college players), football also provides a way to get an education—and not only in Xs and Os—that might not otherwise be available to them.

The original WSJ article is paywalled, but Boot has the full article posted at his personal website.  Please take a few minutes to read.

Monroe High School Represents NFL Seahawks in National 7-on-7 Tournament This Weekend -- 07/11/2013, 6:43 pm

A team of Monroe High School athletes are representing the Seattle Seahawks this weekend in the NFL/National Guard National 7-on-7 Tournament in Cleveland.

From the Everett Herald:

Every summer, the NFL partners with the National Guard to put on a national 7-on-7 tournament for high school players. Teams advance through qualifying tourneys and eventually earn the right to represent individual NFL teams at the national event.

Monroe won a local qualifier in late May at Snohomish’s Glacier Peak High School and later a regional tournament at the Seattle Seahawks practice facility in Renton. Just like that, they were headed to Cleveland.

The team, coached by Bearcats assistants Jake Herigstad and Edd Pratt, travels on Wednesday for weekend games against some of the top high school football players in the country.

You can follow some of the action in Cleveland on the Monroe Football Booster Facebook page, or on Twitter @BearcatsFB.  They’ve already tweeted a few updates from the road.


Good luck Bearcats.

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